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Progress is being made on the Atlantis V 
a 64' Handcrafted Atlantis Boatworks Sport Fishing Vessel

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Boatshed12-03a.JPG (132243 bytes)

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March 2003

Late November 2003
keel1c.jpg (66074 bytes) keel1d.jpg (73136 bytes) feb07-06.jpg (48829 bytes)
January 2, 2004    The beginnings of the Keel January 2004, full keel & framing 
guide in progress
feb07-11.jpg (59318 bytes) feb07-15.jpg (60793 bytes) feb07-13.jpg (38186 bytes)
Late January, 2004  Late January, 2004 Feb 4, 2004, the stern & side pattern
feb08-02.jpg (37824 bytes) feb08-05.jpg (43716 bytes) feb08-09.jpg (44022 bytes)
Feb 8, 2004 -framing guide is finished Feb 8, 2004- view from the stern, 
The bilge is taking shape
Feb 8, 2004- bottom view from the stern
feb08-12.jpg (39179 bytes) feb08-13.jpg (44115 bytes) feb08-15.jpg (61058 bytes)
Feb 8, 2004 Feb 8, 2004-bow view Feb 8, 2004- looking down & 
back from the bow
Feb20-BowTipFullView.jpg (90725 bytes) Feb20-PortStern2Bow.jpg (97183 bytes) Feb20-StbdStern2Bow.jpg (100144 bytes)
Feb 13, 2004
Stern Side frames/ribs are up
Feb 13, 2004
Looking forward from the Port Stern Corner
Feb 13, 2004
Looking forward from the 
Starboard Stern Corner
Feb20-insideKeel2Back2.jpg (79520 bytes) Feb20-SternStrength.jpg (95482 bytes) Feb20-DadAtBow.jpg (95769 bytes)
Feb 13, 2004
Mid way down the 
keel looking back
Feb 13, 2004
The lazarette
Feb 20, 2004
Renate's Dad 
Feb20-insideStern 20.jpg (82935 bytes) Feb20-full viewFrontStbd.jpg (97635 bytes) Feb20-Front2Back.jpg (95407 bytes)
Feb 20, 2004
The stern ribs are up
Feb 20, 2004
Full-length view
Feb 20, 2004
Forward full view
Mar02-Stern.jpg (85743 bytes) Mar02-BowEdge.jpg (133261 bytes) Mar02-ClampRibs.jpg (112075 bytes)
Mar 1, 2004
Stern View
Mar 1, 2004
Port Bow Edge is outlined
Mar 1, 2004
Starboard Ribs in progress
Mar02-BobBow.jpg (63053 bytes) Mar5-PortShear.JPG (92727 bytes) Mar5-full-interior.JPG (96523 bytes)
Mar1, 2004
Bobby, deep in thought
Mar 5, 2004
The shear is outlined
Mar 5, 2004
All Ribs are in place
Mar5-frontView.JPG (95373 bytes) Mar5-RibsFromStern.JPG (120056 bytes) apr13-01.jpg (116627 bytes)
Mar 5, 2004
Intermediate Shear is outlined
Mar 5, 2004
View from the Stern
Mid-Late March, 2004
apr13-30.jpg (112052 bytes) A5insideCombo.jpg (217674 bytes) apr13-24.jpg (104837 bytes)
April 13, 2004
Forward looking aft
April 13, 2004
Full inside view
April 13, 2004
Bow view
We took a break from Atlantis V construction for the summer....
A5 10-20-04a.JPG (135780 bytes) A5 10-20-04b.JPG (271095 bytes) a5 10-21-04c.JPG (303856 bytes)
October 21, 2004
Looking back from the bow
October 21, 2004
Starboard side view from the bow
October 21, 2004
Stern interior view
10-21-04 The ribs are all cut, and almost fully glued in place. 9 of the the deck beams are in.
10-27-04b flare.JPG (231389 bytes) 10-27-04a.JPG (251776 bytes) 10-27-04c in.JPG (222541 bytes)
Oct 2004 - Port side flare Front view with deck beams in place Interior, looking forward 
from the stern
(good shot of the deck beams and crown)
10-27-04d in.JPG (224070 bytes) The cabin (salon) will be 
14' wide and 15' long.

Except for the front few, the ribs are 
all glued in place. Interior side/side 
supports have been removed.

11-27-04-3.JPG (275608 bytes)
Oct 2004 - Interior, looking aft from the bow   Mid November, 2004
11-27-04-4.JPG (237886 bytes) 11-27-04-2.JPG (266106 bytes) 11-27-04-1.JPG (273399 bytes)
Mid November, 2004: Port side 
Stern, looking forward
Mid November, 2004: View of the 
deck (bow) from the front
Mid November, 2004: view of the interior
from the front Starboard side
A5 early05f.jpg (214857 bytes) A5 early05g.jpg (173310 bytes) Early 2005

The ribs under the engines are being 
reinforced (triple) and the remaining ribs 
are to be double strength.

A5 early05i.JPG (257257 bytes) A5 early05k.JPG (257926 bytes) One side of the boat building 
has been enclosed, to keep the 
wind and rain off the boat.
January 2005
from the rear port side corner 
looking forward
January 2005  
  95% of the bottom frames of the boat have been doubled, 
and the engine room area frames will be tripled. 
The frames in the bow area are the only ones not doubled yet. 
We've been assembling tools and supplies in the meantime.
Work is slow, but steady.
A5Feb06-1.JPG (163918 bytes) A5Feb06-4.JPG (112235 bytes)  
March 2006: She doesn't look much different, but the frames are doubled and the boathouse is completely walled in. Even the bow has shelter now, with a steel frame/tarp extension off the front of the building. There are 4 strong lights inside the boathouse so that it's possible to work out there after dark.   
December 2006
Recently Bobby has gotten a chance to work on the knuckles: that lower corner of the boat, near the waterline. In this photo it's been pieced together and screwed in place. Next he'll remove it, glue it together and put it back. 12_23_06boat.jpg (145571 bytes)
December 24, 2006
The deck beams are being laminated/glued together and put into place. The keel now has bolts throughout. With the epoxy and fiberglass, one may ask if bolts are still necessary. Maybe not, but it sure gives you that "warm fuzzy feeling" to know they are there!

January 2007

A5_1_7_07a_stringers_glued_clamped.JPG (176221 bytes) A5_1_7_07d_stringer_clamps_close2.JPG (150003 bytes)
Jan 7, 2007 The port side knuckle has been removed, glued and screwed/clamped back into place Jan 7, 2007 
Closer view of the clamps
A5_1_7_07k_stringer_clamps2.JPG (180560 bytes) A5_1_7_07o_stringer_label.JPG (85539 bytes) A5_1_7_07r_look_down_on_stringer.JPG (180130 bytes)
Jan 7, 2007 
And another looking the other way
Each of the pieces were labeled before removing and put back in the same order Jan 7, 2007 
Inside the boat looking out
A5_1_7_07p_stern_to_bow_view.JPG (133120 bytes) A5_1_7_07i_deck_beam_clamped3.JPG (143668 bytes) A5_1_7_07t_inside_look_back_w_deck_beams.JPG (142649 bytes)
Jan 7, 2007 
Stern view of the boat, looking forward
And the deck beams have been removed, and glued one at a time in this "mold". (We are limited by table space and number of clamps!) The deck beams are placed back on, now just resting and waiting for all to be finished. Next they will be permanently set in place.
A5_1_7_07u_stbd_side_view.JPG (177242 bytes) A5_1_7_07m_bow_view.JPG (183414 bytes)

Jan 7, 2007 Starboard view Jan 7, 2007 Front view
A5_1_21_07a.JPG (103373 bytes) A5_1_21_07b.JPG (120764 bytes) A5_1_21_07c.JPG (99010 bytes)
January 21, 2007 - the middle bulkhead is in place: double layer plywood. It creates the forward walls of both the engine room and the salon. Jan 21, 2007 -looking over the new middle bulkhead, tothe stern where the engine room, fuel tanks and lazarette will be. Jan 21, 2007 
Close up view of the bulkhead
A5_1_21_07d.JPG (140278 bytes) A5_1_21_07e.jpg (99012 bytes) February 2007 Update: the forward bulkhead and rear bulkhead are in: framing out the engine room and the first cabin.
 Jan 21, 2007 View of the front half of the boat with the middle bulkhead in place Jan 21, 2007 Either Bob is very small, or the Atlantis 5 is pretty big!  
2008 DSC02319 BowDeck  2-18-08.JPG (142696 bytes) DSC02324 BowDeckBelow 2-18-08.JPG (142399 bytes)
Feb 2008 Boards have been placed on the bow deck Feb 2008 Same area viewed from below
DSC02327 Sawdust Carpet  2-18-08.JPG (148243 bytes) DSC02329 A5byNight 2-18-08.JPG (142047 bytes) DSC02364 Spiderweb 3-15-08.JPG (63296 bytes)
Feb 2008 The workshop Feb 2008 The boathouse after dark How long is this going to take, anyway??
DSC02367 RearPortSide 3-15-08.JPG (154518 bytes) DSC02371 RearPortSide2 3-15-08.JPG (151565 bytes) DSC02373  RearPortSide3 3-15-08.JPG (149404 bytes)
March 2008- the first layer of plywood fitted onto the rear port side  Mar 2008 Bob marking a line to cut Mar 2008 The same area from seen from the starboard side
DSC02386 RearPortSide4 3-15-08.JPG (153267 bytes) DSC02390  RearPortSide5 3-15-08.JPG (141753 bytes) DSC02392  CatOnWood 3-15-08.JPG (155965 bytes)
Mar 2008 And a view from the front, with a bit more of the side in place. Mar 2008 More boards in place, later the same day Doesn't this look like a big wedding present, wrapped up and with a cat for a bow?
2010 More progress is being made... photos coming soon.

Because it is getting difficult to take photos within the confines of the boathouse, 
we will be posting video clips to our Facebook page in the future.!

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"Whether you think you can
or think you can't, you're right"
-Henry Ford
What do you do when your boat shed is 
bigger than your house? 
Go ahead and figure the boat will be 
bigger than the house too. -Renate
That's not junk in the yard, it's 
"an assortment of fine collectibles!!"
Quote of the day:
"I built the building, 
and filled it up with boat"
The reason a lot of people do not recognize 
opportunity is because it usually goes around 
wearing overalls looking like hard work"
-Thomas A. Edison 
What about a blueprint? 
Are you building it from a blueprint?
"No, I know what a 
boat looks like."

The boatshed is 60' deep, 24' wide and 24'(front) to16'(rear) high.
The Atlantis V is sticking out a bit, and we expect her to be 64' long.

The Atlantis V Timeline

Lay the keel: target by Christmas, 2003 - DONE
Fall/Winter 2003-2004-2005-2006-2007-2008-2009-2010... Work on the Hull - IN PROGRESS
201X...: Finish the Hull & outfit the interior - TBD

Another "Big Event" will take place when the boat is finished!
(That's how long we'll need to recover from the 2007 "big event")

Target dates can change. (It's a boat after all). Thank you for your patience!!
 One day, she will be headed south, outfitted for an extended stay in the Bahamas. 
Customized charters for Fishing, Diving and Island Hopping 
in the Islands will then be available, starting in the Abacos. 


What will the Atlantis V look like? Something like this:

Atlantis5.jpg (16968 bytes)

TerryBoat1-finished.jpg (26660 bytes)

60' scale drawing of the Atlantis V

The Atlantis V prototype
built by Terry Guthrie in Harkers Island, NC


20xhull.jpg (15325 bytes)

  Scale drawing of a 24' Atlantis Boatworks Center Console