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This page features the many upgrades made to the Atlantis IV each winter. 

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about The Atlantis IV
46 foot Carolina Sportfisherman, carrying 6 passengers comfortably 
Twin Caterpillar engines, cruising speed is about 18 knots 
Loaded with amenities: air conditioning/heat, microwave, roomy head, 
hot/cold freshwater shower, TV/VCR, refrigerator, and comfortable bunks.

For the diver we offer a walk-through transom, large sturdy dive platform, ample room for passengers and gear, 
and a hang-line system for safety stops at 15' stretching between the bow and stern. The Atlantis IV is easily the most 
comfortable dive charter boat in North Carolina.

Quickly converted to a fishing configuration, the Atlantis IV sports a fighting chair, two light-tackle chairs, large fish-box 
and outriggers to allow for 7 lines out at once.

boatpix-rear2-150-50.JPG (48507 bytes)

boat-99c.jpg (15817 bytes)  boat-99a.jpg (23949 bytes)  boat-99b.jpg (14654 bytes)
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History of the Atlantis IV

Built in Marshallberg, NC by Buddy Harris, a local boat-builder. 
Initially used as a fishing charter boat in Morehead City, NC. 
Original name: Sea Mistress
SeaMistress-running2.JPG (36633 bytes) SeaMistress-atdock.JPG (47143 bytes) 
Sold around 1990. The individual who purchased the Sea Mistress removed the enclosed bridge, replacing it with a open top. They also altered the entrance to the salon: replacing centered sliding doors with standard out-opening doors moved more toward the starboard side. New engines were put into the Sea Mistress by the second owner in 1992. 

Discovered in a state of disrepair by Bobby Edwards in December 1994, After determining that the engines were sound, he purchased it and began running it as a dive charter boat. 
atlantis4- 1995atdock.JPG (57154 bytes) atlantis4- 1995cockpit.JPG (93534 bytes)

Original interior furnishings consisted of PVC furniture. (Some of you remember that!)
atlantis4- 1995salon.JPG (78264 bytes)

Winter 1995-96. The entire hull was fiberglassed, front windows removed permanently to increase safety and eliminate leaking.
Winter 1996-97. 

1997 boatlook.JPG (37105 bytes)

Winter 1997-98. Replaced the top, removed the leaky windows.
Winter 1998-99. Replaced the steel fuel tanks with aluminum, painted the hull, replaced dive platform. Added water heater. Intended to replace the windows.

 1999 atlantis-norm.jpg (74202 bytes)

Winter 1999-2000. Remodeled the interior salon- created a galley area. Replaced the "meat locker" air-conditioner with a thermostat-controlled model. Renovated the head, fiberglassed the floor in anticipation of an interior shower. Removed the bunks in the middle cabin, painted it and intended to add one larger bunk. Intended to replace the windows.

Chronology of 
Winter 2000-2001. Added back curtains to the flying bridge. Working on the mufflers. Building a wider bunk in the middle cabin, painting and insulating the bow cabin, lifting up taking out and working on engines, including changing the oilpans. Fiberglassing superstructure and bow. And we actually have a pattern for the salon windows: they might (not) get done this year!
Extensive work in the engine room took place, and cleats replaced the sampson post on the bow.

In mid-January 2001, the Atlantis IV was taken out of the water at Core Sound Marine, in Marshallberg NC, so she could undergo some overhauls this winter.
On 2/3/00 
The engines of the Atlantis IV were taken completely out of the boat and placed on a trailer nearby. They will receive new oil pans, gaskets, a thorough checkup and cleaning, paint-job and whatever else turns up along the way. The engine room will also be cleaned, the engine beds redone, the bilge cleaned up, painted, and then the engines will be put back in. 
Progress on 3/18/01:
The engine room is nearly finished, but for a few touches of paint. New aluminum engine mounts have been  made to replace the old steel ones, and they are ready to be drilled and mounted in place. The oilpans have been replaced, the engines primed and only need paint. We expect to have them back in the boat by mid-week.
Progress on 4/5/01:
The engines were dropped back into the boat on March 24. They fit the new engine beds& mounts perfectly, and have been bolted down with stainless 1/2" bolts. Most of the attachments have been reattached, and the mufflers will go back on next. The bow has been sanded, and is almost ready to be glassed. The re-designed pulpit will go back on, and be glassed onto the bow. 
Progress on 4/13/01:
The pulpit is half glassed and will be bolted onto the bow tomorrow. The engines are hooked back up, and only need a double-check. The bottom has been sanded and will get a new coat of bottom paint, and new fish. The superstructure is slowly being sanded, touched up and sealed, and will be painted at some point.
The Atlantis IV will be wet by the end of the week.    
AtlantisCoreSound.jpg (65404 bytes)
Progress on 4/28/01:
As can be expected, we have had a few delays. They have been good delays, however, because we were able to take more time to do the "little extras." She is almost seaworthy: lacking only about a third of her bottom paint and the necessary fish, and some touch up paint on the bow.  There will ALWAYS be more to do, but finally- we see the end of the tunnel for the latest round of revisions.  
She's floating! 5/1/01
Back in the water, finally, the Atlantis IV is bobbing like a cork, and as expected, watertight!! We like our bilge nice and dry. The cats started up without hesitation, and she rode back to the dock in good speed. 

The Atlantis IV is back in action, running smoothly and still catching fish. We dove the Duhamel on our first dive of the year, and so far things in the engine room look good. We did have a loose coupling on the port shaft fixed at the last minute, but that's old news now. 

Photographical Timeline:

NoEngine3.jpg (125195 bytes) Engines out, working on the engine beds.
This view looks at the engine area from the 
rear starboard corner of the salon. 
There is a large hole in the aft salon floor. 
The generator is still in place.
trailerCats.jpg (91644 bytes) The engines, patiently waiting for service.
StbdEngineRoom.jpg (123310 bytes) Some progress made: plywood epoxied down into floor of engine room, 
and everything is sanded down. Aluminum for new engine mounts has arrived.
StbdEngineRoom2.jpg (79177 bytes) New paint in the engine room, wires and bilge hoses straightened up. 
Even the bilge got new paint.
enginewash.jpg (89042 bytes) Taking the Cats to the car wash
enginedummy.jpg (77513 bytes) The engine mounts are here...and engines will go back in mid-week.

 enginesback2.jpg (120990 bytes)

The engines are back in, bolted down and almost fully re-attached. 
They fit very well into the new engine beds.

enginesback1.jpg (112337 bytes)

It's nice having that space filled back up again....
The bottom of the boat is almost completely painted, the fish will go on next.
The engines are on-line, the props have been modified and put back on.
The pulpit has been bolted on and glassed, and now needs only sanding and painting.
New lifting streaks have been added to the forward hull.


There are cleats where the Sampson post once was, and some painting still needs to be done on the bow and cabin. The big changes are done for the time being. 

3-26-02Atlantis.JPG (24652 bytes)

3-26-02AtlantisPortFront.JPG (26174 bytes)

On the hill in 2002

  Winter 2001-2002      
After the snow melted, we took the the Atlantis IV out of the water. She has been on land at Core Sound Marine in Marshallberg, NC since the last of February, 2002.
She has gotten new bumper-rails from bow to stern on both sides, a little wider than before. The bow and superstructure are being sanded, smoothed and will be painted. The engine is getting a few new gaskets.

We thought about putting a toe-rail on the bow this year, and the ever-revised windows are still in the works.

And we're getting rid of that aggravating lip in the transom door-floor that catches your fins every time you go through to the platform. It's about time, huh??

 Winter 2002-2003    updated 08/08/2014
The boat survived snow again this year: we got 6" here in Carteret County, and the Outer Banks got 12"!!
What's new for summer 2003?
The walk-thru transom has a new door, there will be a shower and sink in the head, maybe even an exhaust fan!
The generator has been moved forward a few inches to enhance maneuverability in the engine room. It will be rebuilt this winter, and we expect it won't be as temperamental this summer, as it was in 2002.

There will be more to come as we progress with the winter enhancements... (don't miss the boatbuilding page!)

Filled in the "hook" underneath the boat, where the bottom coutour acted like trim tabs and pushed the bow down. Glassed in the icebox/storage area on the deck and finished the lids for it. Added a DVD player. 

We might cut the keel down, and would like to paint the hull. Light maintenance is being done on the engines.
We got snow again in December 2004!

2/20/05 update:
The keel has been cut down to a uniform 6" overall length. It has been sanded and dried out (it wasn't really wet - that was a nice surprise).
New bolts are being put through the keel throughout its length. It will be glassed again, and smoothed out. We'll have to re-engineer the fish designs on the keel, since the drawing board is much much smaller than before. We expect to handle a following sea better now, and perhaps improve fuel economy. 
The hull is 1/2 sanded and will be painted fresh this year. The platform, etc have been removed and we are ordering new vinyl letters for the stern.
The engines are being examined and small maintenance jobs are underway.
2005 Images:

a4hull1.jpg (162910 bytes) a4side3.jpg (172969 bytes) a4rear1.jpg (195305 bytes)
The hull is almost completely sanded
(ask Renate how big the boat is)
That's not measles, that's filler The vinyl letters are coming off the stern, and the platform has been removed
a4hiding.jpg (177305 bytes) a4keel5.jpg (173296 bytes) A4PinkHull2.JPG (59301 bytes)
The boatyard is crowded these days! The keel has been cut, and 2 layers of fiberglass/epoxy are in progress March 21, 2005
Now THAT's Off White!!
(Guess who went Yellow this year?)

Wrapping up Spring 2005: We should have good weather to paint by the weekend, and the keel/bottom paint will be done before she's painted. 
Any guesses as to what color she will be? 

2006 - The Atlantis 4 is undergoing some heavy maintenance...

Concrete Shop.JPG (208197 bytes) A4EnginesMar06-2.JPG (169827 bytes) A4EnginesMar06-5.JPG (173530 bytes)
Jan 2006-Getting the shop ready to do the work in Feb 2006 - some of the Port engine the rest of the port engine
A4EnginesMar06-1.JPG (164022 bytes)
The starboard engine w/o head
Now I understand how Bobby can fix an engine with a wrench, duct tape and toothpicks.
Engine- ring compression.JPG (41806 bytes) Engine- port crankshaft.JPG (263411 bytes) Engine-port pistons.JPG (93775 bytes)
3/7/06 The port block is back, cleaned up and ready to go back together. The insides are nice and shiny, and once back together 
it will get a fresh coat of paint! Do you know the difference between the crankshaft and the camshaft?
Port-backTogthr2.JPG (229702 bytes) Parts Table.JPG (222985 bytes) Port-backTogthr4.JPG (184638 bytes)
The port engine going back together, with fresh paint (3/10) Port parts getting ready to go Pieces going on, the engine's looking like an engine again
Port-backTogthr5.JPG (226440 bytes) Stbd and Port2.JPG (187965 bytes) Stbd Parts floor2.JPG (261776 bytes)
(3/15) Almost done...between this photo and the next, Bobby got her started and running: fixed 2 leaks and she's ready to go back in the boat. Port engine (finished)in the background... pieces of the starboard engine on the floor (3/17) Starboard parts, they have been cleaned, and just need an block to get back onto!!
3/20/06 This week we'll get the Starboard block back and put her back together.  The engine room in the Atlantis is getting a fresh coat of paint. 


Photo on the right: Starboard engine almost assembled, Generator and Port Engine in the background.

2006engineInstall-6 stbd.JPG (160334 bytes)
March 31- everything is assempled, painted and ready to go back in the boat.
2006engineInstall-10 gen.JPG (167494 bytes) 2006engineInstall-13 room empty.JPG (82879 bytes) 2006engineInstall-15b wiring.JPG (157904 bytes)
Big forklift...small generator!! The engine room, empty and freshly painted Bobby cleaned up the wiring on the forward wall of the engine room
2006engineInstall-19 gen lifting4.JPG (92180 bytes) 2006engineInstall-24d port lifting2.JPG (156144 bytes) 2006engineInstall-25 room half full.JPG (163522 bytes)
Lifting the generator, engines in the foreground Lifting the port engine (notice the 2 guys standing around and no one working!! Just like the DOT!) Port engine and generator set into the engine room but not in place yet
2006engineInstall-26d stbd lift3.JPG (178477 bytes) 2006engineInstall-26g stbd going in2.JPG (174220 bytes) 2006engineInstall-26h stbd going in3.JPG (161370 bytes)
Starboard engine hanging around That's how we get them in and out. Take the doors off and... presto!!
2006engineInstall-3 room full.JPG (85478 bytes) Mar 31 - Apr 4
All 3 in place, now they need to be aligned and hooked back up. Over the weekend: Hook everything back up in the engine room, remove a bit more of the "hook" between the props and rudders, paint the bottom, then on Tuesday April 4: back in the water

Winter 2006-2007  
updated 4/16/07
The boatyard on Radio Island where we hauled the boat every year has been sold and turned into condos. We have already arranged for a new location to do our winter maintenance, but it is very sad to see so many things change around here. 

March 4 2007
We hauled out at Jarrett Bay this year. Very convenient to the house, but much more impersonal and noticeably more expensive. 
Hoping to be finished with this year's projects within a month.

A4_JB2007_617_s.JPG (87280 bytes) A4_JB2007_618_s_.JPG (84685 bytes) A4_JB2007_636_s.JPG (61185 bytes)
A4_JB2007_640_s.JPG (59222 bytes) A4_JB2007_642_s.JPG (72997 bytes)
April 11, she's back in the water. Not quite done, but enough to float!! Boy, do those windows look good!!
Who knew it could take 30 hours to make curtains!?!?
this year's "Short List": Steering/Ram, Windows, Spray Rails/Bumpers, Transducer, Pulpit, Electronics Box, Ladder bracket, Carpet, Outside shower, Cockpit carpet, Minor light repairs, Cushion & bench alteration, Prop Swap, Bridge chairs, Door latch, bar varnsih, window lighting, Head Hatch, Oil return hoses, engine room modifications. More Photos coming soon.

Winter 2007-2008

Winter 2008-2009- turbos

Winter 2009-2010- new anchor, electronics upgrades, panini grill, pink paint overcoat.

Winter 2010-2011- big projects this year- top swap, bridge upgrade, built in fish box and salon cabinets.



The Atlantis Family Tree
There have been 4 Atlantis vessels so far, and before that was the "African Queen"

Atlantis I  Atlantis I.JPG (145302 bytes)

Atlantis II

Atlantis III : currently running dive charters in Connecticut. Captain Gary Chellis, Atlantis Dive Charters

Atlantis IV

 1995 atlantis4- 1995atdock.JPG (57154 bytes)  1997 boatlook.JPG (37105 bytes)  1999 atlantis-norm.jpg (74202 bytes)

Got any photos of the Atlantis from previous years? 
Pass them on and we'll include them in this timeline!