The BIG EVENT Epilogue!!

In a word">









The BIG EVENT Epilogue!!

In a word, the weekend was Fantastic. Incredible people, amazing weather and a great time was had by all. A bit overcast on Friday, but the sun came out just in time for the Ceremony and there were even dolphins frolicking in the ocean! The atmosphere was festive and extremely colorful! Just what we wanted. 
Saturday's weather was even better, though a touch windy. (Would have been a Four Corners day). Warmer and sunny: the best spot was outside by the pool, and it was hard to believe it was January! The pig came from Roland's and was cooked to perfection. Many many covered dishes arrived, and there was a little bit of everything, with not too much of anything. Kids enjoyed the indoor pool too. Some tested the ocean, but it was just a bit too cold to get in too far! 
For those who stayed until Sunday, the weather got even better. No wind and even warmer. Amazing.
As most of you know, there were a few memorable moments along the way. As we receive photos and jot down thoughts about the event, there will be a "Play-by-play" added to this page. (that's going to be fun!) If anyone has something they want to share, or be sure we don't leave out, please pass it along! We would love to hear your different perspectives of all the "goings-ons". 
THANK YOU for making our celebration a great success. 
Words truly can't describe how special we feel, knowing how many of you came to see us (or wanted to but couldn't) on these special days. It really really really means a lot to us. 

The cast of characters
The Groom: Bobby Edwards    
The Bride: Renate Eichinger (will answer to Mrs Edwards now)    
Pastor: Nana-Paul Vincent
Father of the Bride: Manfred Eichinger
Best Man: Shawn Edwards
Ring Man: Johnathan Edwards
Best Woman: Dawn Bockert
Girlfriends: Jolene Fassbinder & Cindy Burnham
Flower Children: Katelin Uzzell and Caroline Edwards
Music Coordinator: Kelly Edwards
Professional Video: Rick Allen
Stealth Video: Bruce Sanders
Insider Video: Cameron Bockert
Professional Photos: Cindy Burnham and Ray Scharf
Foot Photographer: Joe Poe and unknown others
Green Balloon point-man: Paul Payne
Red Balloon dealer: Cindy Burnham
Cake designed by Wendy
The Event was toasted in Asheville Friday Night at the Charlotte Street Pub, by Brittain Bates, the "most missed Girlfriend". 
Renate's Shoes were worn non-stop for 4.5 hours, then a subsequent half hour before ending the evening. Whomever won that bet, please let me know!!  : )

"The Big Event" in Pictures!

PreWalk1-s.jpg (96850 bytes) Pre-shoes-s.jpg (94724 bytes) Pre-plan1-s.jpg (100817 bytes) Pre-plan2-s.jpg (98559 bytes)

We did a dry-run earlier that day- 
some good practice in "the shoes" was necessary!

Planning (yes, Dad was aware that 
there was a wedding that day!)

We even had it all 
sketched out on paper!
W-026f-319 Prep09 filming-.JPG (128211 bytes) W-061-594 Pre Guests-.JPG (142303 bytes) W_070_Bob_on_Phone.jpg (60888 bytes) W_090_FlowerChldrn2.JPG (137515 bytes)

Rick Allen covered the preparations and caught it all on film!

The Guests are here!

Everything's ready to go... that Rick Allen again with the big Camera!?

The Flower Girls: they had baskets of seashells, instead of flower petals!! 

W-057a-597 First Arrival Dawn Not Crocs-.JPG (192149 bytes)

W-057b-611-First Arrival Girls walking BWC-.JPG (191761 bytes) W-070-364 Bob TheCall2-.JPG (106577 bytes)

The Crocs were necessary to get through the sand!!

Nice color enhancements: done by Cindy Burnham!

After the music was started, we realized that someone was missing!! 
Here's Bob making "the call" to Dad... Where are you?

W-089-338 FlowerGirls-.JPG (211962 bytes) W-089-358 FlowerGirls2-.JPG (167961 bytes) W-103-643 2nd arrival Dad Not-.JPG (153377 bytes) W-105-656 Color-Entrance Jolene Dawn walking-.JPG (95098 bytes)
OK, cue the flower girls again!!  After the 1st attempt came to a screeching halt, 
we started it all over again...
Jolene & Dawn, carrying seashells filled with flowers (Flowers by Sandy)
W-058c-622 Chomper-.JPG (101183 bytes)

walk-1-s.jpg (36651 bytes)

W_110_Entrance6_.jpg (913101 bytes)

There's a shark in the Boquet!! 
(His name is Chomper!!)


All of the guests were dressed 
very well: colorful and casual!!
wed-1.jpg (557552 bytes) W-113-384 Begin NP-Bob-Dad-Not2-.JPG (120908 bytes) Cerem-BR-s.jpg (36022 bytes)
The Ceremony begins.... Pastor Nina-Paul, Bob, Dad & Not Bob & Not
W-055-328 RingHolder-.JPG (94683 bytes) W-133-407 Ceremony Rings-.JPG (127954 bytes) rings-s.jpg (47435 bytes) exit1-s.jpg (45007 bytes)
The Rings Johnathan, the Ring-Man The rings The exit (green balloons forever!!)
W-146-442 Exit Bob-Not People2-.JPG (137262 bytes) W-147-706 Exit Bob-Not People3-.JPG (126604 bytes) W-149-445 Exit Bob-Not-.JPG (110310 bytes) W-152-727 Receiving Line-.JPG (116164 bytes)
Not & Bob Not & Bob Not & Bob Fantastic Guests!
W-161-464 color PostPics Bob Not1-.JPG (117302 bytes) W-154f-491 Ended Not-Paul-.JPG (90973 bytes) W-154g-732 Ended JohnW Not-.JPG (156849 bytes) W-154a-476 Ended Vada Stewart-.JPG (114851 bytes)


The "Spanish Inquisition" over who handed out the Red Balloons!! Stewart & Vada
W-154e-487 Ended JoePoe&Dog-.JPG (119271 bytes) W-158-748 Ended Will Wanda Gigi Not BJ-.JPG (109147 bytes) W-171-750 Ended Dad Not Rick-.JPG (140828 bytes)
Joe Poe, Rosie! & Not Will, Wanda, Gigi, Not & BobbieJo Dad, Not & Rick (Film Crew/ Paparazzi)
Shoes-legs-s.jpg (42663 bytes) W-175a-753 After walkway1Not Bob-.JPG (119021 bytes) W-178-785 After RayS-.JPG (94867 bytes)
The bride's shoes and the groom's legs (You should have seen him smile when he decided to wear shorts!!) Not & Bob Ray "Paparazzi" Scharf
W-178-108-good-BridalParty-.JPG (157115 bytes) W-192-824 Jolene Not-.JPG (114599 bytes) W-195-833 Cindy Not-.JPG (108321 bytes) W-191-819 BW Dawn Not-.JPG (161322 bytes)
"the Girlfriends" Cindy, Jolene, Dawn, Not&Bob Jolene (friend from CA) & Not Cindy, "the Camera" and Not Not & Dawn (friend from Charlotte)

   W-184-153 Beach BobFamily-.JPG (139926 bytes)

W-183-148 Beach NotFamily-.JPG (137895 bytes)

Families-s.jpg (50942 bytes)
Bob's Family Renate's Family All-Family shot: Renate's Aunt Elfi, Aunt Elisabetta, Dad Manfred, Renate, Bob, Bob's son Shawn & wife Kelly, Bob's daughter Bobbie Jo & husband Mark, and in front grandkids Johnathan and Caroline. (Katelin is missing here and 2 other grandkids are not in the picture) And yes, they've already called me Grandma!
BrokenBob.jpg (175397 bytes)   W-180-788 Carry BobNot Color-.JPG (69991 bytes)     wed-2.jpg (550745 bytes) W-188-166-Beach Shoes-.JPG (101407 bytes)
Some nice beach pictures...
W_200_Cake3.jpg (43348 bytes) W-225-032 CF Katelin-Cake-.JPG (97927 bytes) W-234-058 CF Cut Cake-.JPG (190307 bytes)
The CAKE!! It had a treasure chest on top with chocolate coins 
and shells all over as decoration. VERY Nicely done! 
Layers of White and Chocolate cake with 
Whipped cream icing. Yummy!
W_250_CoolFish_RichRenTrish.JPG (61894 bytes) W_350_Summrwnd_Dad_Bride2.jpg (59778 bytes) W_360_Summrwnd_PickedPig.jpg (104609 bytes)
Later on at the Cool Fish restaurant At Saturday's cookout, we got nametags, just in case anyone was wondering! The Pig, After. 

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Dates/Times Locations/Directions Lodging Suggestions Dress Code Registry Information WOW!!

What? Who's getting married???
We've begun a Countdown to

"The BIG EVENT!" January 5-6, 2007
There isn't much that is traditional about our lives, so there won't be much that is "traditional" for this event. 
We expect it will be enjoyable and memorable!

DOWNLOAD THIS WORD DOCUMENT FOR EASY-PRINT DIRECTIONS (click OK thru any authorization messages)

Weather Update: On Monday, Dec 31, the forecast* for Fri/Sat is in the 60's with only a slight chance of rain.*subject to change, as we all know!!


  Important Info 

Friday January 5- Ceremony: 3:00pm /Dinner: 5:15pm
It will be at the beach, but likely not "in" the sand. Final arrangements will be set on Monday or Tuesday.
Estimated time: around 3 or 4pm, we'll be more specific as it gets closer. After the ceremony, we'll travel to a restaurant in Beaufort (around 5pm) and enjoy a good dinner. Since this is a Non-traditional event, the dinner will be dutch. There will be cake.
          Friday Ceremony- 3:00pm- Location: Fort Macon, Atlantic Beach. It's at the far East end of the Atlantic Beach island, and inside the park area. Once inside the park, turn right at the FIRST beach access area: marked "Bathhouse". There is tons of parking, ramps and no need to walk in the sand if you choose not to. 
           Friday Dinner- 5:15pm- Location: Cool Fish Restaurant, in Beaufort. Around 5:15pm- until. Music and dancing will be available. Due to the large crowd expected, we'll choose a few "dinner specials" off the menu to select from. I'm sure anyone could order anything, but so that she doesn't run out, we'll focus on a few items to keep things running smoothly. 

Map of Fort Macon State Park
with Ceremony Location marked
Front of restaurant menu: 
FortMaconMap.jpg (396213 bytes) CoolFishMenuFront.jpg (399170 bytes)

The Dinner Menu at Cool Fish will focus on a smaller number of specials for this evening, in order to better serve a larger number of people. We've been working with Mary, the owner of the Cool Fish to make sure she will be able to feed us in good time and in good quality. There will be an insert inside the menu offering suggested entrees. If  you simply "must have" something from the menu which is not on that list, it will be available, but perhaps not as quickly. Mary will also be our DJ for the evening, so anyone who causes a disturbance will be forced to dance the Polka!
At the Cool Fish, there is a Bar Room in the back. Bobby and I will be either sitting at the Bar or milling about. Family will seated at the back room tables. The Cake will be there as well. The front room has plenty of tables for guests, and anyone can pass back and forth as they wish. After it seems that everyone has eaten, we will cut and serve the cake. At some point a bouquet will be thrown. Anyone who wants to dance may do so, and nearly any song is available upon request. 
Dinner is Dutch, and prices are very reasonable. (Cake is on us). 

Directions to Cool Fish:
From Atlantic Beach: Go over the high rise bridge back into Morehead City. Turn RIGHT and go through Morehead, past the State Port, over another High Rise Bridge and then a Drawbridge. Keep going straight. (The Beaufort Waterfront will be to the right). At the 2nd light (you'll see the Fire Station) turn LEFT. Go through one light, and pass the Piggly Wiggly. about 1/4 mile further look for the Cool Fish sign on the RIGHT. The restaurant is small, with Neon signs on it. If you get to the 2nd light and a Dairy Queen, you've just passed it. NO PROBLEM! Just TURN RIGHT and double back a little ways IN that parking lot. Please be considerate when parking, overflow can go towards the Dairy Queen.

Saturday January 6- Cookout/Party: 11am to 4pm
From about 11am to 4pm, or until everyone has had enough. This will be near/on the beach, and a pig-pickin style shindig. A Pig and assorted beverages will be provided. Attendees are asked to bring a covered dish, potluck style, so that no matter how many people arrive, we'll have enough to eat! (There will be more cake).
  Saturday Cookout Location: Summerwinds Condos, Salter Path/Indian Beach area, 10 miles or so west of Atlantic Beach on Hwy 58. Indoor Pool, Beach Games, Food, Music and Good Friends! Pig and beverages are on us. Please bring a dish!!

Map with Summerwinds marked Aerial View of Summerwinds
Wedding Map2.gif (45725 bytes) Summerwinds_Aerial_View.jpg (188386 bytes)
Directions to Summerwinds
From the Atlantic Beach Bridge, go towards the ocean. At the light, turn RIGHT. Go down Hwy 58 about 10 miles or so. You will pass through Salter Path (will see more businesses and houses, and a small fire station on the right, in a 35mph zone). Start looking to your left for the Summerwinds entrance. If you start to see the buildings on your left, you've passed the entrance. (Simply turn around and go back). Stop at the Guard Shack and tell them you're here for the Edwards' Reception. If there is no one at the gate, follow the instructions on the keypad (something like "dial *150") and tell whoever answers the same thing. Then the gate will open. Please look at the Aerial view for the exact location within the complex, and go to the Pink Dot.  

Volunteers are needed to be at the pool during the Cookout. 
We need for there to be an adult present at all times. 
(The indoor pool is in a different building as the cookout itself). 
Anyone interested in helping out, please talk to Renate at dinner on Friday, or call anytime.

  dress code 

NO TIES OR SUITS ALLOWED. Bright colors are expected, Hawaiian Shirts encouraged. We want everyone to be comfortable and casual. Seriously! 
Obviously, we don't know yet what to expect with the weather. Be prepared for anything, but still try to make it colorful and comfortable. This applies for the ceremony, dinner and the cookout. No Monkey-suits! (But you could dress up like a monkey if you want). Grass skirts may require long underwear....
DON'T FORGET a SWIMSUIT/towel!! Especially young people! There is an INDOOR POOL and we will be sure that the pool is under adult supervision during the cookout. 

  relevant details 

  This is an open-invitation event: if you know someone who didn't receive an invite and would like to attend, 
please just tell them about it and have them RSVP.


By the way, Kids are welcome, and we look forward to meeting some of our "future divers!" But be aware: the Friday dinner may be a bit more crowded, so we will not be offended if anyone makes it an early evening on Friday. Saturday there will be alcohol present at the cookout, but we are all adults and will not be doing keg-stands. Not because we know better, but because many of us are too old and may sprain something. 
No, seriously. It's family friendly!! Have them bring a swimsuit and use the pool!      

  registry info 

About our Registry:
Imagine that! It's non-traditional!
As many of you know, we are in the process of building a boat. For the last few years, we have focused on funneling any extra time, energy and money into that project. The plan is to take it to the Bahamas for the winters, and run multi-day "island-hopping, fishing and diving" charters there as well. Since we have all the dishes and toasters that we need, our only wish is to finish the boat. 
      -Fiberglass cloth, Epoxy resin, Plywood, Lumber, Sandpaper...
This stuff is what we dream about!

The stores we use in the area are limited to 
-Ace Hardware in Beaufort, 
(Where we buy the wood/lumber)
-Lowes in Morehead City and 
(Where we will get what we can't find at Ace, and will get most of the interior stuff, from lights to plumbing to fixtures)
-Ace Marine Rigging in Morehead City. 
-We also order from Paxton and Lewis Marine, both are marine suppliers. 
(Due to their huge markup, we don't use West Marine or other retail boating stores).
As dull as it sounds, gift cards from Ace/Lowes are the best idea. Seriously!

  Lodging info 

Lodging Suggestions
The Summerwinds condos have many units available to rent. We have rented through Connie, at 252-247-1000. 
Homepage for the condo and their amenity descriptions. Winter rates are very good.

There are also other agencies renting units: or do an internet search for other companies that rent units in the complex.

Or stay nearby: (list in progress)

The Sheraton Oceanfront      
The Windjammer Inn Oceanfront 252-247-7123 800-233-6466
Hollowells Atlantic Beach      
Hampton Inn Morehead City, Soundfront      
Econo Lodge Morehead City      
Holiday Inn Express  Morehead City      
Beaufort Inn Beaufort      
Local Bed & Breakfasts         

 Other ideas on what to do while you're here:


PS: We have heard from many family and friends, some who will be there and some who can't. Most recently we have heard that a group of divers from Canada plan to come down, as well as family from Germany and Austria (via Bolivia). We can guarantee that everyone in attendance will 1) know someone else who is there, and 2) meet someone new. 
There's even a rumor that some of the "most crazy" guys will be wearing grass skirts.... As of December 31, we have had over 70 RSVP's and expecting about 18 family to be there. And the list is still growing!!!

Dates/Times Locations/Directions Lodging Suggestions Dress Code Registry Information WOW!!

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