Safety Equipment on board the Atlantis IV

We take the safety of our passengers very seriously. On a typical day, we are between 10 and 40 miles offshore. That's too far to swim back, and access to modern medicine would be delayed, should there be an emergency. With that in mind, we carry on board a typical first aid kit, CPR assistance devices, ample O2, and as of August 2006 we also have an AED. In addition, the boat also has life jackets, an Epirb, flotation raft, flares and fire extinguishers. 


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  It's here, and on the boat! It came with a custom-fitted pelican case, extra battery and pads, pedi/child key and easy-read guide. Words can't express how much we appreciate the support all of you have given to get this accomplished. And we'll say it again: may we NEVER have to use it!!

--- History of our AED --- 
Due to arrive the week of Aug 21.   Arrived! Friday, August 25 2006

3/20/06  Wanted: donations towards an AED (defibrillator) to keep onboard the Atlantis IV.   We would like to keep one on board the boat from now on, but the budget is squeezed after rebuilding both engines.  Any amount you may choose to send will be put toward the purchase a defibrillator (about $1500) (any excess received will be returned). We felt it can't hurt to ask, and hope no one is offended by our doing so. An AED is something we expect to never ever need, but if the occasion should arise... it's a priceless piece of lifesaving equipment.
We thank you for your support.

Donations Received:

3/21/06 $100 - Thank you so very much! From B.S., Maryland
4/23/06 $100 - Thank you! From R.W., Maryland
5/29/06 $50 - Donation made after a dive trip, by D.C., South Carolina
6/3/06 $153 - Contribution after dive trip, by K.M., New York
6/30/06 $201 total from New York group: $24-CG, $40-DA, $100-PS, $1-HW, $36-EH 
6/26/06 $60 - Crew donation from fish sales: P.P. 
7/2/06 $ 40 - Donation from J.D. (Maryland) after a weekend dive trip
7/3/06 $50 - Fund contribution by RA and CB (Fayetteville), after a dinner cruise

TOTAL as of 7/6/06: $754       WE ARE HALF WAY THERE!!

7/9/06 Maryland group donations: $4-MB, $20-CS, $100-GB&PP
7/14/06 NY Divers: $150-CS, $20-LS, $20-JW, $20-HW, $20-MD
7/16/06 $20-RA, $50-JW

Well over $1000  now : $1178 total. We are now looking for formal bids on an AED.

7/21/06 $30, from J-M J, from Canada. Thank You! (Total $1208!)
7/23/06 $100 from PS, Greensboro NC (Total $1308)
7/28/06 $40-TA, $50-CS, $110-BS (Gold star donor!) (Total $1508)
7/28/06 $100 from MM, in Maryland- thanks, and get well soon! (Total 1608)
7/30/06 $20 from GA, new (to us) diver from Maryland ($1628)
    We have reached our tentative goal, and now waiting on a quote on the unit.
8/8/06 Estimated price: about 1765
8/11/06 $100 from A&K H, from Maryland (Total 1728)

8/14/06 Price of unit: 1783.65 + tax 124.86 = $1908.51 (forgot about the tax!!)
The Phillips Heart Start unit has been ordered. It comes with a pelican case and an infant/child key, as well as extra pads and battery. 
Due to arrive the week of Aug 21.

8/19/06 Total donations received: $1728. The remaining $180.51 has been pledged by a diver on the boat this weekend! 
Once we receive the unit we will have a local EMS Paramedic visit the boat and advise us on the safest way to handle an emergency on board. Obviously, our challenge is how to avoid contact with water and metal if/when using the AED. Due to the configuration of the Atlantis IV and it being a wooden boat, we expect to be able to manage an emergency with careful and deliberate actions. We will establish a set of protocols in advance to guide us through an emergency requiring the use of the AED. Once again, we hope to never ever have to use it, but should the need arise (and with your generous support), we choose to be prepared. 

Thank all of you so very much for your support!!