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Wrecks in NC's Graveyard of the Atlantic

The following is a map of the waters off of the coast of North Carolina, near Cape Lookout.
These are most, but not all of the shipwrecks that you can visit on the Atlantis IV.

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For very complete information about wrecks in North Carolina, please visit the BFDC website.


Depth Year Sunk Type of Wreck Interesting Tidbit


107' 1988 Navy Cable Layer, Artificial Reef
After storms in 1996, the previously intact ship was broken into 3 pieces
Amagansett 130'   Menhaden Boat  
Ashkabad 55' 1942 Russian Freighter  Recently uncovered
Atlas 130' 1942 Tanker A really great dive when the vis is good


110' 1942 British Armed Trawler A shell-hunter's paradise
British Splendor 100' 1942 Freighter  
Caribe Sea 85' 1942 Freighter Lately, a good place to find Sandtigers
Cassimir 110' 1942 Tanker Sunk by collision with SS Lara: Spotted Coronetfish were seen here in 2000
Ea 45' 1902 Barge near the shoals, often covered with sand
Esso Nashville 110' 1942 Tanker the porthole hardware is brass: not easy to recover

Fenwick Isle

65'   Menhaden Boat Intact and sinking, in a "hole" of sand
Hardees 100'   Yard Oiler  
Hutton 70' 1942 Tanker recently most of the sand and sediment was removed from the site by storms-exposing much of the wreck
Indra 65' 1992 LST Landing Craft Repair Ship-320' long
Artificial Reef
still intact, and upright

Lobster Wreck

118'   Dredge often great visibility and -lobsters!-


130' 1942 Tanker-Bow and Stern are over 2 miles apart Naeco is Ocean spelled backwards. Lionfish were seen on this wreck in 2000
Normannia 115' 1924 Freighter  


55'   Trawler  
Papoose 120' 1942 Tanker Home of many Sand Tiger Sharks
Parker 55' 1974 Liberty Ship-Troop Transport
Artificial Reef 
Artificial reef: often used for OpenWater check out dives.
Portland 55' 1943 Freighter An excellent dive if the Vis is good
Proteus 130' 1918 Ocean Liner Sister ship was the Comus
Schurz 120' 1918 WWI Cruiser Previous name: Geier. Great wreck for brass artifacts.
Senateur Duhamel 60' 1942 British Armed Trawler Good wreck for finding flounder
Suloide 65' 1943 Freighter  
Tamaulipas 140' 1942 Tanker Named after a State in Mexico
Tarpon 130' 1957 US Submarine Cause of Sinking:  foundering under tow
U-352 Sub 115' 1942 German Submarine still mostly intact, with the conning tower in place
Verbena 70'   US Coast Guard Cutter  
Yancey 170'   Attack Transport Artificial reef: in deep water, home to large grouper and jewfish

























updated 08/08/14

For more information about wrecks in North Carolina, please visit the BFDC website.