Megaladon Tooth diving is available with Atlantis Charters

We will need a minimum of 
4 people @ $250 per day,
5 people @ $225 per day,
or 6 people @ $200 per day.

Minimum on the Atlantis IV is a 2-day trip
For the 2-day trip we will leave from our slip in Atlantic Beach, and make 2-3 dives on the tooth ledge. 
Spend the night in the Wilmington area at a marina, and sleep on the boat. Tank fills will be arranged 
in the Wilmington area. Dinner/breakfast will be either in a restaurant or cooked on the boat. 
On day 2, we will do another 2-3 dives on the tooth ledge before heading back to Atlantic Beach.
The number of dives per day will depend on timing the available daylight and the weather.

Or, the optional 3-day trip
A 3 day trip will include 2 nights in the Wilmington area, with 3 dives made on the 2nd day. 
Days 1 & 3 will be the same as in the 2-day trip. 
The return trip to Atlantic Beach will be made on day 3.

New in 2012: single day tooth diving is available: please call for details.

As always, trips are weather dependent and safety is our primary concern. 

Call us to arrange a trip for you & a group of your friends, 
or to start a trip and have others add on.

  2012 Calendar 252-728-6244

Food, tanks & tank fills are not included in the charter fee. Feel free to bring food and we will cook on the boat!