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   Atlantis Charters 2018 Prices (cash/check)  

Regular Day boat rate: $710*/day   1/2 Day:   $450
*Fuel Surcharge: 100-250+/day, variable   3/4 Day:   $800
Long Day boat rate: $850*/day   Full Day: $1200
Special Day boat rate: $950*/day   ----------------------
"no-run" fee: $400
(applies only for no-shows or if passengers choose to cancel)
  Bait, ice, rods, tackle & a mate are included.
We are a small operation: 2 people and a boat. As such,
absorbing increases in fuel cost is impossible. Many years
ago we implemented a fuel surcharge. It is calculated daily
to reflect current fuel prices and only what was used that
day. This way the surcharge goes down when fuel prices go down, and is less on shorter/lighter trips.
We can accept credit cards but due to added fees we prefer not to.
Please consider using cash/check for charter payment.
Tank Fills: (2018 update)
$15 per tank for 30% Nitrox & Air
+$5 each for rented tanks

Please inquire about the price
for a custom mix other than 30%

Last minute fills available on request


A deposit is required in advance to guarantee your charter reservation.    
Groups who reserve a day or set of days will receive a confirmation packet. After reading and understanding the enclosed information, a deposit equal to the boat rate for one dive day is due in advance to guarantee the charter date/s.

Divers who book through a group leader are expected to communicate with and send in a deposit to that person.
Starting in 2015, when booking individual spots through Atlantis Charters to fill spaces on existing charters, $150 per diving day must be paid in advance with an old-fashioned snail-mail check.
By sending a deposit check, individual divers understand they are committed to the date. If they must cancel, the deposit will not be refunded unless their spot is filled. They also acknowledge that they are in good health for diving and will behave in a safe and responsible manner at all times.  
The deposit check must be sent in along with a signed printout of the "acknowlegement of our booking requirements" CLICK HERE (link coming soon).

After the dive charter/s, deposit amounts will be applied to the amount due. Any overage will be either refunded or rolled over to another reserved charter day.
Credit cards are NOT our preferred method for reserving spots on the boat.
Requests for other deposit arrangements may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
please call for fishing charter reservation policies.

updated on 1/27/18