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We take very good care of the Atlantis IV. From the engine room to the anchor locker, we constantly work on every part of the boat to stay on top of issues that may arise. Our efforts also strive to keep our clients very comfortable while on board. We call it "Civilized Diving."

For boating safety we keep life jackets, a throw ring, flares, fire extinguishers, an Epirb, AIS system, weather integrated radar, satellite GPS navigation system and marine radio.

For personal safety we carry a first aid kit, oxygen, blood pressure cuff, defibrillator, ice and hot water.

Every passenger on board is expected to behave in a responsible manner on the boat and in the water. We travel many miles out to sea and reaching advanced medical care will involve some delay. It is appropriate and expected that passengers to communicate with the captain about existing or new medical issues or concerns so we can take appropriate steps or action. Any special needs or requests (medical, physical or otherwise) need to be communicated in advance with the captain so we can be aware and make appropriate accomodations.

Any illness or issue that may arise while out to sea is to be communicated with the Captain immediately so we can take appropriate steps to provide care.